Author: Valer

Valer is an internet security enthusiast. He maintains this site and writes about VPN services technologies, tutorials on how to use VPN services and also is reviewing VPN services from different providers.

How to Setup Blackberry VPN

The Blackberry is one of the most popular new smartphones on the market and works for you as a digital assistant and portable media player. Though they have plenty of nice features, their real claim to fame is security. They can send out emails and instant messages with a high level of security through the […]

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How to Setup DD-WRT VPN

Do you have questions about setting up DD-WRT VPN? DD-WRT is firmware created for a Linux system. It works with wireless routers and can actually replace pre-installed firmware on other routers. DD-WRT offers nice features like Kai network support, IPv6, RADIUS, Secure Digital card hardware and many other options. And it’s true that Linux is […]

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