Author: Veronica

Free VPN : Can It Be Trusted?

Some companies out there offer free VPN services. Some of these services are trustworthy, but some free services out there should make you wary. Be aware that there are many different VPN providers out there right now and, if you haven’t heard of a company, you may want to investigate them before you use their […]

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Interview with CactusVPN Team

A VPN service can provide greatly enhanced privacy and security when you’re online. These services are becoming more popular all the time for many different reasons. Our friends at CactusVPN agreed to answer a few questions about VPN industry, so we could understand it better.   1. Why did you decide to start a VPN […]

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One-on-One with IPVanish Team

The great people at IPVanish accepted to answer a few questions about their company as VPN services become more popular. Privacy issues are always going to be a topic of concern, and those who want to connect to the web without others following their every move may well want to consider a VPN service. So, […]

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