How to Setup ExpressVPN on Apple TV – Complete Guide

Apple TV has made it’s way to more countries, promising a revolutionary TV experience for it’s users that provides the best of both worlds. It has never been easier to watch multimedia content on your TV, but that does not imply that everything is accessible with a simple tap. Some content is geographically-restricted and can only be accessed from certain IP classes.

How to Setup ExpressVPN on Apple TV

Therefore, if you live in USA and want to streamline a certain video of the Australian premier, you may find yourself unable to do this. Fortunately, there is a workaround, in the form of ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN provides you with an IP address of a different foreign country, making it appear like you actually reside there, even if you do not. Therefore, you will be able to watch certain online content and play different games, even when the aforementioned ones are banned in your current location.

Furthermore, you will be able to hide your online traces more efficiently, so no one will know what you do online. This is especially useful on the grounds that more people are complaining about their activity being monitored while they do even basic stuff such as watching a YouTube video. With ExpressVPN, all those fears will be gone.another good news is you can get up to 35% discount at expressvpn by using special expressvpn discount link.35% discount offer valid for annual plan only

But how do you actually setup ExpressVPN on Apple TV?

Well, the process is not complicated, and can be done in less than 10 minutes if you follow the steps carefully. Take note that the developers recommend to use MediaStreamer while watching Apple TV, on the grounds that AirPlay via VPN may malfunction on iOS8 and further editions.

We will explain below how to setup your device in more detail, so prepare everything while we begin to tell you how to enable the VPN device on your TV.

Enable AirPlay Mirroring on Apple TV and Check That Remote ExpressVPN App is Turned On

First of all, you will have to make use of AirPlay Mirroring, a feature which can be found in all Apple TV’s. In order to enable AirPlay on your TV simply go to Settings -> Airplay -> On, and it will be automatically activated. Next, make sure that the ExpressVPN app is downloaded and installed in your iOS or Mac device. The app is very simple to setup and use and will allow you to manually choose the country from where your IP should be. Therefore, if you want the world to know that you are located in Canada, simply choose Canada from the list of All Locations, and turn on the VPN software.

Using AirPlay Mirroring for iOS

Once following the above steps, should you opt for iOS app, we will explain everything that you need to know in order to connect your device to the Apple TV. Make sure that both devices are connected on the same WiFi network, and swipe up on the iPhone/iPad in order to access Control Center. From there, tap on AirPlay. Press the name of your Apple TV, and turn Mirroring On.

air play

Now both your devices should display the same image. Proceed to turning on ExpressVPN on the iOS device. Once connected, simply open the video that you want to watch, even if it is geo-restricted.

Using AirPlay Mirroring for Mac

From your playback controls or status menu, press the AirPlay icon, then choose the name of your Apple TV. Now both devices should display the same image. Take note that you will be able to stream some videos from QuickTime Player and Safari browser. Now proceed to connecting ExpressVPN, from the dedicated app. Your video should now play smoothly, even if geo-restricted.

Still cannot stream or access videos on Apple TV

Should you still not be able to access videos and stream them even if following above steps multiple times, then your best solution may be to contact ExpressVPN support. They reply in less than 24hours, and will provide you that extra help that you can not get by just following online instructions.


ExpressVPN is a great software which allows you to mask your IP and watch all the videos on the Internet, regardless whether they are normal, geo-restricted or limited. It does so by putting an entire mask to the tunnel, a mask with the IP of the selected country. And since videos look a lot better on Apple TV, compared to the smaller screens of iPhone, iPad and MacBook, there is no reason not to use it for this purpose as well. Simply follow the instructions above and everything should work as planned.

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