Interview with CactusVPN Team

A VPN service can provide greatly enhanced privacy and security when you’re online. These services are becoming more popular all the time for many different reasons. Our friends at CactusVPN agreed to answer a few questions about VPN industry, so we could understand it better.


1. Why did you decide to start a VPN service company?

There is a huge need of VPN in the world. It helps people to obtain a little more freedom and safety. Plus we think it can be a profitable business if you manage to make your clients happy.

2. Where are you located and how many people currently work at company?

The team is located in Moldova and we have currently 6 people and plan to extend.

3. How many users you have and what are 5 top countries they come from?

We have about 180-200 new users daily. Most are from US and UK, of course. Lately there are a lot of new users from Middle East as well.

4. What is the distribution per OS you have (%): iOS, Android, Windows and Mac?

Windows is number one at this moment. Mac users are on the second place, but we’ll have a great surprise for them in several weeks so I think there will be a good fight for the first place.

5. There are more and more concerns about the logs. What data do you retain from users?

We have to save some connection logs. It’s just for troubleshooting purposes. And we keep them for 3 days only.

6. There are a lot of VPN providers out there, how do you differentiate from the competition?

We really care about our customers and funders take close attention to the communication with every client. We really make our best to make our users happy and you can’t get this attitude in big companies.

7. So what’s next? Any inside you can share with us?

We’ve just launched version 3.0 of our Windows software. It was fully redesigned and now it’s even easier to use our services. And the biggest news for next month will be our brand new MacOS software. Few VPN companies have that and we think our soft is one of the best in this business. After that, we’ll take care of Android users.

8. What would you suggest to someone who wants to start a VPN service company?

You should start it earlier :). But if to be more serious: take care of every client you have. Even if he refuses your service, he has to have a good impression about your company.

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