One-on-One with IPVanish Team

The great people at IPVanish accepted to answer a few questions about their company as VPN services become more popular. Privacy issues are always going to be a topic of concern, and those who want to connect to the web without others following their every move may well want to consider a VPN service. So, read the interview with IPVanish team to find out new interesting things.

1. Why did you decide to set up a VPN service company?
Great question. To give you a little background, we have over 15 years of experience in network management, IP and content delivery services and we know how to move huge amounts of data fast and securely. During our 15 years, we’ve built a very diverse, professional and passionate team of over 125 employees who work and thrive around the idea of free Internet and the right to online privacy. With these roots, it was only natural for us to launch IPVanish VPN. We take it a step further, though, and our stated goal is to bring our customers the best VPN service in the world. This includes the best speeds, the most secure encryption technology, easy to use software, the best technical support and the best pricing available anywhere.

2. Where are you located and how many people currently work at IPVanish?
We’re headquartered in the United States and have approximately 125 employees worldwide.

3. What is the distribution per OS you have: iOS, Android, Windows and Mac? 
Most of our customers are using our Windows and Mac clients- about 80% (we actually just released a big update a couple of weeks ago), but the mobile market is growing fast as people are using IPVanish to secure their iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

4. As there are more concerns about the logs we would like to know what data you retain from users?
We don’t record or store any user’s activity while connected to IPVanish. We don’t know where you went or what you did when connected. We respect our customer’s right to privacy and don’t think it’s anyone’s business what someone else does. The minimal logs we do keep are for connection troubleshooting and those logs are purged quickly and regularly.

We also give our users dynamic and shared IP addresses. This means that customer A’s traffic is mixed with customer B’s, C’s, D’s and so on, making it impossible to single out anyone for anything.

5. What are the biggest difficulties in your activity you had to deal with?
I’d say the biggest challenge is staying ahead of the curve and making sure that our network is available in countries with a demand or growing demand for our service. This takes a massive amount of research, development and capital. Last month alone, we launched 17 servers in 6 countries. This is huge growth and is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication…and this goes back to our core business objective that I mentioned earlier.

6. What are the top features that differentiate you from the competition?
Speed and reliability. IPVanish is 15 years in the making, has a huge team of dedicated professionals behind it, and we’ve spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears building out our backbone and network relationships. That work is paying off…we’re consistently being tested as the fastest and most stable VPN (by far in many cases) in the industry.

7. So what’s next? Any inside you can share with us?
We’re going to continue growing our VPN network, adding new servers in new cities around the world. As I earlier mentioned, we added 17 new servers last month alone in India, Lativa, Norway, Brazil, the UK and the US. Our development team is also hard at work tweaking and improving our VPN client. A couple weeks ago, we released Windows v1.3.0.2, which brings a completely new look and feel to our Windows software and is being well received by our customers.

8. What VPN-enabled routers do you recommend to be used with IPVanish?
We recently partnered with FlashRouters to give our subscribers a variety of options for reliable, custom-built DD-WRT routers. These routers will show up on your doorstep pre-configured with your IPVanish VPN account. This makes it super easy to get up and running with encrypting your entire home or office network through your IPVanish connection. You can tie pretty much any Internet-enabled device to your FlashRouter/IPVanish setup…anything from your Xbox to your Apple TV.

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