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VyprVPN(based in switzerland) is one of the fastest and most popular VPN in the world.VyprVPN ensures full protection against online attacks and provides 24×7×365 support to its users.
VyprVPN serves 73 locations across Africa,Europe,Asia,North America,the Middle East,Central America and South America which adds upto more than 700 individual servers.


The company provides online services and application software to its customers and enterprises.Golden Frog offers direct sale services to its customers ,businesses and other partnership companies.Golden Frog also offers a Service Provider Program that allows online services such as messaging,wireless access,anti-virus software,Internet security softwares and Internet service providers to gather its VPN Product within their offerings.

VyprVPN Coupon Code

Golden Frog’s main motive is to provide secure and encrypted connections to the internet.VyprVPN has over 200000 IP addresses all over the world.

Golden Frog’s core product is VPN(VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK)

COST of VyprVPN-VyprVPN costs $9.95 per month and Premium is available for $12.95 per month.The cheaper plan allows upto three simultaneous connections and the expensive one allows upot five.But both the plans provide a three day free trial.

SALE OFFER (50%off)-Golden Frog provides VyprVPN at half rates for the first month and extra 25%OFF or 3 months free as a part of spring Sale.  Offers are valid on all VyprVPN and VyprVPN Premium Plans and 30 days moneyback is a guarantee.So,there is no risk for users when they join.

VyprVPN(3 Connections)-It costs the users $45 for the starting year and $60 for the next year.Vypr VPN PREMIUM(5 Connections)-It costs the users $60 for the initial year and $80 for the subsequent years.


INCREASED Privacy and security

This the core reason behind buying and using vyprVPN.VyprVPN provides the maximum level of speed and safety its users.Users can prevent their ISP or third party snoops from accessing their location,browsing activity and online communications.


It enables to block all network and internet traffic when VyprVPN is not enables or is disconnected.


VyprVPN provides convinient and speedy apps for Android,IOS,TV,Windows etc. so that users can secure the devices in seconds.


VyprVPN keeps the data completely private and provides multi-protocol support to its users.


It is a technology available in apps (for Android,Mac,Tv etc.) that uses unmodified openVPN 256-bit protocol and also scrables metadata to prevent throttling,VPN blocking and DPI.·Zero Knowledge


VyprDNS is Golden Frog’s own DNS specially available for VyprVPN Users.People can reclaim their privacy and thereby defeat censorship across the world.·

Multiple Protocol Encryption

Golden Frog offer Chameleon,L2TP,open VPN,PPTP so that users can choose their desired level of encryption,speed and protection.·

Customer support

VyprVPN has its own network of VPN servers so as to ensure highest quality of VPN service and customer support.·

Defeat Data Retention

users can encrypt their internet connection to protect their data and privacy and to stop their government from spying on them.·Streaming


VyprVPN improves speed and access to content while streaming online.VyprVPN provides the best streaming experience to its consumers.·

Restrictive Censorship

customers can escape restrictive censorship imposed by their government including Great Firewall of China and restore access to an open and free internet network through VyprVPN.


Saving money on traveling like a pro·Conducting business securely

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